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About us

Celebrauctions was specially created for the events and celebrations market. Is an auction marketplace where event planners or industry related suppliers bid to win the requested service for any type of event. No matter where you are or where you want to celebrate your event; you can be able to select from a number of event suppliers with less stress and more economic. If you are a customer, you can free yourself from the stress of planning an event or simply help yourself by contracting certain services at a lower price.In the case of being a supplier or event planner, Celebrauctions gives you the opportunity to expand your audience. It gives event professionals an equal opportunity in the competitive celebrations job market.

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Get Benefits With Celebrauctions

With Celebrauctions you can get more!!!, get realtime offers from thousands of suppliers depending on you requests, save money by comparing multiple offers from all our suppliers, get access to see their work, get out of stress and leave you event in hand of experts, available all around the world for all the needs

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Buy a Membership that fits you and your purpose depending on client budgets you want to work with

Instantly you will find all the jobs available to apply in the range of membership you already chose and be able to send offers to the clients

Also you can post any Kind of Service, and the clients will be able to see them and contact you.

Best of all you will always have WORK and be able to expose your business and work globally.

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