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In the past, it was challenging to manage an invent management business because it required a lot of time and attention to grow. However, with the advancement in technology and the presence of internet which is currently making the world a global village, managing an event company is now easy.

Apart from proper management, an event company also requires adequate promotion and creation of awareness for it to grow a strong customer/client base. Promoting your business has also become very easy with the use of a laptop and wireless services. Here are five precise and straightforward ways to promote your event planning business online.


  • Advertisement: Advertising is considered to be the bedrock of success in an event planning business. In this age of the new media, advertising has been made easy and possible through the use of online media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, amongst others. There is little or no need for a formal or paid form of advert as obtained in a newspaper or radio advert. All an event planner needs to do is to create awareness on this social media pages and grow a strong client base.
  • Blogging: Blogging is also a simple way to promote your event planning business online. Create a blog to expatiate on the purpose of the company, its achievements, add pictures from previous events you have handled successfully and possibly get your clients to comment on your post and recommend others to your business. Blogging gives the client a more comfortable feeling about your business when they look through your pictures; they feel more assured that their projects can be well handled.
  • Share videos online: Sharing videos of you handling an event or showing off a tutorial online will attract views and subsequently more clients. These days’ people believe in the wonders of photoshop, and the easiest way to convince another person is to share an unedited or filtered video of you in the act. Clients do not just want to see pictures they also need something more convincing.
  • Referrals: Getting referrals from previous clients is also an essential means of promoting your business online. Tag previous clients to their works which you have uploaded online and make sure they have kind remarks or comments to make; this will help in motivating more clients. Also, previous clients can recommend you and tag you on pages of people intending to use a planner for their events.
  • Make use of hashtags: Create a unique hashtag for events you have covered thereby having a means to save your pictures or videos online, and quickly telling a client to check your hashtag and get convinced. Also, clients can tag you on events you have covered using the hashtag, and other event planners can also tag you.

Finally, promoting your event planning business has been made accessible through the use of social media. Having accurate knowledge of what you do and making good use of the social media will yield the desired positive result. Also, if you are finding it difficult to draw clients to your event planning business, then you can contact us today by visiting our website.  Our company, Celebrauctions, helps event planners to bid for jobs that have been posted by people who have upcoming events. It also connects thousands of event planners all over the world to big opportunities.


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Innovations in the Event Industry


The event management industry witnessed rapid changes in the year 2017. There has been a noticeable trend in the use of technology to manage events such as festivals, weddings, rallies, birthdays, brand promotions and others. However, researchers are already opining that the year 2018, will be a tech-driven year for the event management industry.

There are a lot of new tech options that are expected to influence the event management industry in 2018 positively. Some of this ideas apps and innovations will help event planners do their jobs better and improve the experience of those who were invited to the event.

Some of this new tech trends expected to hit the industry in 2018 includes the following.

Wi-Fi on the fly - DB Events Network recently created a new Wi-Fi connectivity solution. The network makes it possible and easy for event planners to quickly create a Wi-Fi network during weddings, festivals, carnivals, and ceremonies when there is no existing connectivity infrastructure.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation - the European Union General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect in May 2018. This regulation will totally revitalize the way event planners gather personal information of people who plan to attend their events.  The GDPR will affect event planners worldwide because it will change the way they process information and ask questions using mobile apps and registration forms. It will also affect the way event planners use data gathered from events for marketing and personal reasons.

Apple latest update - Recently Apple unveiled its latest range of new products that will also affect the event management industry. One such product is the iPhone - X, this handset charges wirelessly which mean that setting up a charging point for people who will be attending the event. Also, the iPhone-X will open up new ways through which information on various events can be gathered; it is also an excellent alternative for the delivery of high-resolution contents at live events.


Snap Mask - This new app that was recently created will help event planners to offer a photo sharing experience at their events. The app which works like snap chat is a facial-recognition app that is designed for people who are interested in taken selfies at the event.  The guest will pick their filters, take their selfies using their iPhone and share the image or video clip through a text or email. The snap mask can be used with a printer to allow guest get real photos that they could take home to their families.

Finally, the event management industry will witness a rapid change due to the new technological trends that are expected to be of significant impact to the industry in 2018. To help you meet up with this new tech and trends, Celebrauctions, an event management firm that caters for people all across the globe is here to help you organize your events at a meager and budget-friendly price. The company also ensures that you get the best services from event planners scattered all around the globe. It gives you an opportunity to place a request and allows you contact the lowest bidder for your event. Why not grab this unique opportunity by submitting a request on our website today by clicking here.

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Party Ideas


Birthdays are super special days for people to spend time with their families and friends. It gives us excellent opportunity to reunite with people who we may not have seen for a long time and also share presents and cake with them. No matter the age, it is always fun to have a birthday party. Listed below are ten beautiful ideas to make your birthday party a happy and interesting one.

  • Book a venue: Securing a place for your party is very important; most likely book a hotel to get maximum fun. You may consider the constraints of having a party at home, disturbing the neighbors with loud music or inviting people you are not sure of their behaviors into your home. Booking a hotel or garden will help have a dusk to dawn party.
  • Make it a themed party: Making your birthday a themed party will bring so much fun and unforgettable memories. It could be Halloween themed, allowing your friends choose their different costumes, a mask party, Caribbean party amongst others.
  • Get a comfortable dress: You need to feel very comfortable in your birthday dress, you may want to dance with your loved ones, and your dress shouldn’t get in the way. It might also be a long night for you, attending to friends and catching all the fun you can, therefore make sure what you are wearing is comfortable, if possible carry an alternative dress to change into after taking all the pictures and all.
  • Invite a professional disc jockey: Good music makes a good party, engage the services of a professional DJ, tell him the kind of music you want and make him show you his selections to avoid any disappointment during the party.
  • Food Show: Make the best meals for your party, engage the services of a professional caterer and have them make different dishes. In a case where you opt for snacks, make different snacks, so they can choose which they want to have. Everybody looks forward to getting something to eat when going for a birthday, therefore know the number of people coming for your birthday and make sure there is enough for them.
  • Create a wishful: This would spice up your party, just cut a white board with different color sketch pens and distribute them to the guests to write their wishes, funny lines or serious messages on them. You could get them to read it out to you one after, it creates room for laughter, fun and even sober moods. After your guests are gone, you could hang them on your wall.
  • Plan out some games: Get exciting games to play among your guest, be dancing competitions,  computer games amongst others, playing games would increase the excitement in your party.
  • Hire a Photographer: Pictures tell a story, get a professional photographer to capture those memories for life to make them cherishable at every given moment.
  • Decorate your venue - Decorate the venue beautifully and most likely according to your birthday theme, lovely decorations add life and class to your event, choose your colors, and have your venue decorated with same colors.
  • Invite close friends: Even though most people will prefer to have a big wild party, it is more advisable to have a smaller party with just family and close friends, this will cut down cost and create room for more intimate bonding, invite close friends and enjoy a more quiet and private party.

In conclusion, birthdays are fascinating days and it is left for the celebrant to decide how it turns out. However, if you do not have time to prepare and make your bid day a great one, we are here to help out. Our business connects people to event planners all over the world. You can just visit our website by clicking here and place a request, within few days you would get proposals from event planners all around the world.

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It all started...

Hello!, My name is Arleny de la Cruz. Celebrauctions CEO and I want to tell you how it all began. Since 2011, when my niece Amelia was born, I was in charge of organizing her birthday. But each year was more stressful and always involved a high investment of money. As a result of the birthdays celebrated, the people close to me liked it and they asked me to be the one in charge of organizing their events. Since then, I realized how complex and expensive it was to organize an event, so I came up with the idea of creating a platform where one as a client could get better prices and the organizers could finally find better business opportunities and expand their clientele. That it does not matter in the country that you would like to celebrate your event or where you reside, you could do it at a lower cost and with less stress. This is how celebrauctions is born.


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