Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of events can be requested on celebrauctions.com?

You can request about almost any type of social or commercial  or corporate event.

What is the advantage of hiring an event planner or related services locally versus online?

By hiring an online supplier/event planner you would benefit yourself with a faster, more economic and stress free service. It would be easier to follow up the process of your event. Due to other user’s reviews , you can have a better idea of whom you are hiring. Also, you have the possibility of posting events in other countries and amplify your client list.

How celebrauctions.com does make money?

Offers three types of memberships based on benefits. Thats it, no comissions or hidden fees. 

Is it safe to give my payment information online?

We use Secure Socket layers (SSL) and a verification policy. We also accept payments through paypal secure platform. 

How do I change my account email preferences?

Email preferences can be edited on the users account.

How do I subscribe?

In the frontpage at the upper right corner you will see two flashing pink rectangles, and depending if you are a client or a subscriber choose one of them and fill the application form.  Suppliers pay a membership to receive posted jobs from clients. 

Does it cost me anything to submit my project?

No, clients subscribe and post jobs requirements totally free.

Can I share my account?

You may not share your account information with anyone. Sharing your account information is against our licensing policy and terms of service.

What are celebrauctions.com memberships?

You can access the memberships in the pricing tab at the upper right corner in which you could choose from: Basic, Special and Premium. Memberships are only for suppliers who wish to access our jobs list. 

What commissions do I have to pay?

No comissions at all.